"Our Commitment to our customers..."


We are committed to Quality. The following table of contents details our commitment to quality through our quality assurance program. The purpose of our quality assurance program is to ensure that our customer's needs are met the first time and every time. Our quality assurance program provides the framework that ensures continuous improvement of our design and construction services, quality in our completed work, and customer satisfaction. We recognize that our customers and our ability to meet their needs are the sole reason for our Company's existence. Our customers rely on our expertise in electrical design and construction to provide them with safe, reliable, and efficient lighting, power, control, and low voltage systems. We make every effort to be deserving of our customer's trust and high expectations.

In today's world, our customer's business depends on reliable and efficient lighting, power, control, and low voltage systems to stay competitive in the global marketplace.

  1. Corporate Profile
  2. Corporate Commitment to Quality
  3. Quality System
  4. Contract Document Review
  5. Document Control
  6. Design Management
  7. Procurement & Expediting
  8. Tool & Equipment Maintenance, Calibration, & Testing
  9. Material & Equipment Management
  10. Construction Management
  11. Inspection, Testing, & Startup
  12. ANSI/ASQC Q9001 Cross Reference

We do not rely on chance to provide our customers with the quality they require and deserve. All of our employees understand our Company's customer focus and commitment to quality.